Security, Safety & Alarms


Recore's Security and Communications Division specializes in state-of-the-art systems for surveillance and safety.

Let us show you how one of our custom security systems can benefit and protect your home or business.


• Intrusion Alarms
• Fire Alarms
• Surveillance Cameras
• 24 Hour Monitoring
• Structured Wiring
• Network Installations
• Equipment monitoring
• Access Controls

Our state-licensed specialists can help protect your home or business from unauthorized intrusion, duress, loss, fire, and robbery by installing a state-of-the-art security system that can guard against these critical conditions.

You may even reduce your insurance premiums by choosing one of our detection and surveillance packages. We offer full 24/7 monitoring for very low cost and no long term contracts.

We provide a full range of services by trained, insured professionals who are tested on their working knowledge of industry codes and standards, including the ANSI / TIA / EIA standards and the National Electrical Code®. They have experience and specialized training in the installation of wiring systems, and they have passed rigorous tests to demonstrate this ability. This means you are assured of receiving a system that is compliant to the highest levels of certification.

SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS - For dependable security of your facility. Your property can be viewed from any location, and recorded for later playback. "CloseView" cameras can automatically zoom in and provide high resolution images when activity is detected. Infrared cameras can capture pictures at night and in low-light environments.

ACCESS CONTROL - Keyless or keypad-operated doors and gates can be installed to allow access to your property only by authorized individuals. Systems can log and record who is on the property, and when they entered and left.

FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS - We install all types of fire detection equipment and alarm systems. Proper installation and code conformity are essential for your protection. For your assurance, we are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

TIME CLOCKS / CARD READERS - Our services include installation of all types of equipment for your operation, and they can be connected to plant networks for easy data logging and control.

MONITOR YOUR BUSINESS - From production lines and equipment to offices and warehouses, our camera systems can allow you to easily keep track of your operation. Whether you are in your office or in a hotel room a thousand miles away, we can provide the ability.


View your property, offices, and equipment over the internet


Production lines or machinery can be easily monitored by operators, or viewed from remote locations

Rack Mounted video
recording, surveillance
& control console


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