Backup Power Systems


Recore can supply power even when the utility company fails.

Our backup power systems can give you the security of knowing your business will not stop just because the power does.


Recommended Applications

• Hospitals
• Data Centers
• 911 Call Centers
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Gas Stations
• Assisted Living Centers
• Municipal Buildings
• Schools
• Banks
• Manufacturing Plants
• Business Offices
• Homes / Residential
• Refrigerated Warehouses
• Medical Offices
• Research Laboratories
• Newspapers
• Radio/TV Stations



We sell and install high quality backup power generators to provide the finest protection for your home or business when the power goes out.

Fueled by Natural Gas, LP Gas, diesel, or even bi-fuel, they will switch on automatically if the power fails, so you can continue your life (and business) without interruption.

A system can be configured to supply all of the power your operation needs in an emergency, from 5,000 watts to even a megawatt or more.

The potential loss of revenue a business faces in the wake of a power outage can be substantial. Computers and security systems go down and data is lost. Lack of refrigeration can lead to damaged inventory. Our premium automatic standby power solutions are ideal for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Let Recore protect your investments and ensure you stay open for business.



Recore Controls Technologies (RCT) recently completed a project at the new Forsyth County Public Safety Center in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. It is the new home for the Sheriff's Department and 911 Call Center.

Our Allen-Bradley PLC-based controller manages the loads on the three 515 KW (1.545 MW total) backup generators that automatically start up when the utility power fails. Our system restores power to the entire building in order of priority. It is able to drop non-critical loads, as necessay, to ensure power to the higher priority circuits such as fire pumps and smoke ventilation fans.


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