Networking & Communications

Recore knows how to connect your business. Our installers are experienced with plant networks and machinery and equipment communciations.




UL508a Listed

Fiber Optic Technicians


Dependable data and voice communications are essential for your business. Recore's services include installation and support for industry-standard Ethernet™ and other advanced protocols such as wireless and fiber optic networks.

We can install, upgrade and maintain your plant network systems with the latest technology and services.

Our installers have the knowledge and equipment to install networks that integrate with your existing systems, and provide the latest technology, allowing you to access the information you need to manage your business from any location.

PLANT NETWORKS - We have installed networks of all types, Ethernet® , Data-Highway™, TI-Way, ControlNet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, ProfiBus, ModBus and others. We can handle interface of production equipment to plant networks, and can even provide our PlantWorks© host software for efficient plant control.

FIBER OPTICS - The reliable and secure method of plant network design. Fiber optic cables are not affected by electrical interference like copper wiring. These cable systems can be installed in harsh environments where other communication would not work. In addition, they offer extremely good, high-speed performance.

STRUCTURED WIRING - Recore is an authorized dealer and installer for the on-q™ structured wiring systems, providing unsurpassed control of your communication, entertainment and energy useage




Upgrades or replacements to existing network systems

Service and support on existing networks

New construction installations

Structured wiring for entertainment, internet, voice, power and comfort

CAT5 / CAT5e standard Ethernet™ installations, including hubs, switches and routers

Installation of custom networks for training rooms, classrooms

Communications to production machinery and equipment

Specialized networks for distributed control, such as AB Data-Highway®


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