Industrial Control Systems


RCT division has the experience and resources to automate your manufacturing processes.

We provide cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety and quality.

Our Experience Includes

• Machine Controllers
• Conveyor Systems
• Process Control
• Materials Handling
• Packaging
• Chemical Dispensing
• Motor Controls
• Heat Recovery
• Batch Control
• Safety Systems


UL508a Listed


Recore Control Technologies


controllerRCT builds control systems for many diverse applications. Our staff of engineers, programmers, and technicians can design and build control panels for almost any level of automation and control you wish to achieve. We partner with Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley to ensure the highest quality components and software, with world wide off-the-shelf parts availability. This means you are assured of the utmost reliability and ease of maintenance.

UL-508a LISTED - Our electrical panels can be certified to UL standards, highly desired in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Our capabilities also include turnkey installations, instrument setups, calibration, startups and commissioning. We work with our customers to provide the functionality, features and ease of use that you require and demand, and we provide full support for our systems.

Our systems are network-ready, and can be easily integrated into plant systems and even hosted with our PlantWorks manufacturing supervisory software. Graphical operator interface touch screens make operation very easy, and provide any necessary information based on your specific requirements.

Aluminum enclosure shown. Enclosures are also available in
powder-coated carbon steel, and stainless steel. We also build
consoles and all types of operator stations or panels..

Some examples of our work:

An entire series of control panels for a new manufacturing plant, with batch processing, dispensing, raw material inventory and motor/pump controls. These units will all connect together to a centralized control room for supervision with our PlantWorks supervisory software.

An industrial process controller incorporating a networked Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ PLC , Allen-Bradley PowerFlex™ motor drives, MSP's and contactors. The front panel door incorporates the Allen-Bradley VersaView™ operator interface.



Touch-screen graphics provide ease of use for operators, and keypads provide convenient access to motor control settings.



A UL-listed motor control enclosure with an Allen-Bradley 200 HP variable speed drive, MSP's and contactors for additional motors. Convenient layout for connection of remote wiring, and a high-capacity fan for proper ventilation.




The unit is powered up prior to shipping for setups, function tests, QC inspection, and application of UL labeling.

A large production line controller with Allen-Bradley ControlNet Flex I/O, safety interlock circuitry, multiple networked AB PowerFlex inverter drives, Ethernet switch, and numerous additional motor starters and protectors.

During installation - The controller is suspended from roof trusses in the attic space of a climate-controlled, refrigerated food processing plant. The white boxes in front of the panels are actually ceiling lights for the plant floor, two stories below.


Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture complete control systems using rugged Allen-Bradley industrial components suitable for plant floor operations.

We can network your controllers together with a centralized "host" computer system, where plant operations can be monitored and controlled from a control room environment.

To give you the total solution, Recore Electric and RCT will work with your company to determine your requirements, then design, build, install and commission your control systems.

Our large panel shop is equipped for high quality construction, and we also have testing capabilities.

We partner with Rockwell Automation, providing in-depth resources for components and programming support.






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