ControlPro© Textile Machine Controllers

Recore has years of experience in textile plant operations, and we have provided factory-authorized installations and service for OEM manufacturers.

Recommended Applications

• Jet Dyeing Machines
• Package Dyeing Machines
• Beam Dyeing Machines
• Dryers
• Bleach Ranges
• Frames
• Batchers
• Hot Water Recovery Systems
• Bulk Chemical Dispensing
• Materials Handling Equipment
• Lab Machines


• Allen-Bradley reliability

• Flexibility

• Worldwide parts and service

• Network ready


UL508a Listed

Fiber Optic Technicians


The ControlPro system is an economical machine controller, jointly developed by RCT and Rockwell automation. It is designed to easily integrate into your textile plant environment, either as an upgrade to existing controllers, or for new machinery installations.

ControlPro is a very flexible design, with an easy-to-use Allen-Bradley Touch-Screens available in sizes up to 17 inches, making operator use simple and easy to understand. Graphical displays show an overview the of the machinery so operators and maintenance personnel can view all aspects of machine operation.

Network-ready Allen-Bradley PLC's are configured to your requirements, and AB quality components mean that service and parts are available worldwide. Programming updates, modifications, and support are available via the internet.

Our systems plug right into your plant network, allowing viewing and control from anywhere on your system using our DyePro and PlantWorks software modules, installable on any computer & operating system.

Enclosures available in aluminum, powder-coated steel
or stainless steel.




Upgrades or replacements to existing control systems

Service and support on existing controls

New machinery installations


With Recore's 25+ year history of installing and servicing dye machine controls, we have developed a reputation of providing top-quality installations and support for a large number of textile manufacturers. We have also learned a lot about what customers want and need in their control systems.

We have designed a system that provides the features that plant managers, supervisors, and operators require, such as stand-alone use, rugged hardware that will withstand the dyehouse environment, and excellent operator interface that displays all the information that you need.

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