Recore Service & Maintenance


Recore Electrical Contractors, Inc., provides complete service capabilities to meet your needs.

We have the advanced equipment and skills to assist your company with modern manufacturing requirements such as ISO9000 and QS9000.


UL508a Listed

Recore Control Technology

Our large staff of skilled electrical tradesmen can provide your company with the help that you need on an ongoing basis to audit your systems, and provide timely repairs, calibration, and maintenance. We can help maintain your quality system compliance by providing monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual calibration service intervals

• Troubleshooting
• Repairs
• Calibration
• Power Quality Testing
• Process Assistance
• Programming
• Network Maintenance
• Equipment Upgrades



Reduces Downtime. Our predictive, proactive service programs reduce your risk of downtime for your equipment and power systems. We can scan for problems before they occur. Extends Life of Equipment. Our PM PLUS Service can identify deterioration in your power system, and can allow you to improve your electrical system life expectancy.
Minimizes Electric Bill. Recore PM PLUS service prevents your electrical system from wasting power by identifying and correcting problems, and can reduce your POWER BILL.. Reduces Costs. Electrical components that fail can cause other damage to panels and wiring. We can identify and fix these problems before they become more costly.
Minimizes Power Quality Problems. Our advanced diagnostic procedures identify virtually all power quality concerns before they become costly problems. Minimizes Life/Safety Risks. Recore's predictive service programs can reduce accidents and fires, save lives, and minimize costly and unplanned shutdowns.


Instrument calibration, including temperature transmitters, level transmitters, pressure transmitters, differential transmitters, proximity sensors, speed sensors, etc.

Controller service, with experience in Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Texas Instruments, GE Fanuc, and many other types of PLC's and Operator Panels.

Diagnostic services and power quality testing, using the latest thermal imaging technology and ultrasonic testing.

Switchgear maintenance and troubleshooting, with licensed electricians capable of keeping your power systems in safe, reliable working order.

Process control assistance, including supplemental staff technicians who can provide temporary or ongoing help to keep your operation at top efficiency.


Machinery and controls upgrades, such as DC to AC drive conversions. We are adept in wiring, programming and setups of Inverter drives and other control devices.

Programming Assistance for PLC's or networked MIS systems. We have years of experience in the interface of machine control systems to host environments and data exchange to plant accounting, inventory control and scheduling platforms.



Infrared Inspections with the Flir camera

PLC Programming

Variable Speed drive setup and programming

Instrument setup and calibration

Equipment troubleshooting and repairs






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