PlantWorks© Software

Recore offers advanced plant management software.

Our modular, scalable system allows for equipment control, monitoring, scheduling, dispensing, and reporting.

Our SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is a proven platform that can be integrated into your plant network. This allows easy retrieval of data, allowing you to track costs and productivity.

PlantWorks© - Comprehensive Manufacturing Management Software Suite

Advantages of PlantWorks©

• Uses Java Virtual Machine™ programming so it will run on any computer - Microsoft© , Unix, or any other operating systems

• Utilizes standardized SQL database for easy interface to almost any plant accounting and manufacturing systems

• Scalable to any size enterprise – No “per-user” charges or licensing restrictions

• PlantWorks server and client installs in minutes on any off- the-shelf computer

• Once installed, PlantWorks client automatically updates when the server is updated System administration software is included to allow user name access to specific operations

• Single click will backup all process and historical data and distribute daily, weekly and monthly backups wherever designated

• PlantWorks can be integrated with many differing systems such as dispensing, weighing, process control, and packaging.

• PlantWorks offers flexibility for a seamless replacement with a very short learning curve and with no down time

• PlantWorks utilizes our custom TagBrowser tool for the Allen-Bradley and provides the fastest, most efficient network communications available

• Secure support and updates via Internet and VPN connections


Selected Screenshots

Batch Scheduling can be viewed and modified with our scheduling modules.
Manufacturing tasks become point-and-click easy.

Process Display Screens can be custom designed to provide
graphical display of your operation.

Individual machines can be monitored from a control room
with all pertinant data displayed and logged. Process alarms are highlighted
in different colors based upon customer-selected significance.

Graphs are archived for each product batch allowing quality
management and trackability. Graphs can be configured
to display any desired process variables.

The graph viewer module allows you to quickly and easily
select batches to display or print.

Operator screens display weighing requirements for each batch,
and give graphical instructions to the user. Each material weighed
is logged and inventories are adjusted. Formula control modules
allow for variables such as chemical strengths and substututions.

Custom tailored reports can be easily selected, viewed,
and printed with a few clicks of the mouse.



Available Modules

Raw Material Definition and Inventory Management

Manufacturing Process Definition and Management

Manufacturing Process Batch Scheduling

Manufacturing Process Monitoring Control and Archiving

Batch Weighing

Automated Material Dispense Management

Historical and Summary Report Builder

Plant Works Report Viewer





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