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Many analytical and control instruments in your plant need periodic calibration and maintenance to keep your systems and processes running safely and properly.


Temperature Transmitters
Many types of equipment and processes rely upon proper temperature control to function correctly and ensure quality products. We use the proper calibrators to adjust and trim the temperature transmitters so they indicate and control correctly.

I/P Transducers
These control devices are responsible for controlling proportional valves and other types of process control devices. We adjust the output of I/P's so their control of these devices is accurate.

Speed Controls
When the speed control of your equipment is important, we can check and adjust your speed indication devices and inverter drives for assured control.

Proximity & Limit Switches
A number of applications have switches that need to be checked and adjusted periodically in order to maintain proper machine operation and operator safety.

Pressure Transmitters
Proper control often requires pressure inputs that are correct. We can test, verify, and calibrate gauge and differential pressure transmitters for proper indication, and we have the necessary handheld communicators to perform these service functions on todays newer transmitters.

pH Indicators
We have personnel who are capable of using correct NIST certified buffer solutions to test and verify the readings of pH analyzers, and recalibrate or replace probes if necessary.

Level Transmitters
Tanks and process vessels typically use level transmitters to indicate and control the level of liquid. It is essential that these levels are accurate. We can test and adjust these transmitters so your readings are correct.

Pressure / Safety Switches
Some equipment relies on pressure switches to ensure the safety of operators and machinery. It is important that these type of devices be checked and recalibrated on a regular basis.

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